1. As you know, one of the most often used test statistics in design of experiments is the F ratio test. With the f ratio test, you are actually

1.    As you know, one of the most often used test statistics in design of experiments is the F ratio test. With the f ratio test, you are actually using the ___ methodology?

a.    Correlation coefficient

b.    ANOVA

c.    Chi-square

d.    Response surface

2.    Which of the following is NOT a correct hypothesis conclusion?

a.    Fail to reject the null at 99% confidence

b.    Accept the null at 99% confidence

c.    Fail to reject the null at 1% significance

d.    Fail to reject the null at 99% confidence, and therefore, we have insufficient evidence to conclude that the alternative is true

3.    Which of the following is NOT an example of SPC (Statistical Process Control)?

a.    Pre-control Chart

b.    XmR

c.    X-barR

d.    C chart

4.    Which of the following characteristics of a Measurement System Analysis relates most to variation over time?

a.    Stability

b.    Adequate resolution

c.    Accuracy

d.    Discrimination

5.    Special causes are 

a.    Validated as “removed” only when system returns to the ‘status quo’

b.    Expected in a normally distributed process

c.    May be detected by separating internal from external inputs

d.    Differentiated from common causes only in the magnitude of their effects

6.    When we are talking about a nominal-is-best quality target, the word “nominal” means which of the following?

a.    A variable target

b.    A named or specified target

c.    A mean

d.    An average

7.    Never construct ___ from inspection records

a.    Histograms

b.    ImR (aka XmR) charts

c.    Standard deviation

d.    The arithmetic mean

8.    A problem statement should

a.    Suggest a solution

b.    Find who is a fault

c.    Suggest causes

d.    None of the above

9.    A company is experiencing 14,000 ppm defects. If the company takes into account the Motorola 1.5 sigma shift, what is the sigma level of the company’s operation?

a.    Approximately 5.5 sigma

b.    Approximately 5.1 sigma

c.    Approximately 4.9 sigma

d.    Approximately 3.7 sigma

10.  According to the central limit theorem, which of the following statements is true?

a.    The distribution of the sum (or average) of a large number of independent, identically distributed variables will be approximately normal, regardless of the underlying distribution

b.    The center of the distribution is limited to more NO MORE THAN 1.5 standard deviations (also known as the 1.5 sigma shift)

c.    The center of dispersion of a SAMPLE (x-bar) is limited by the size of the sample

d.    The central tendency of a distribution is limited by common-cause variation

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