1. Define “light photons” and “infrared photons” How are they represented in the simulation?

1.    Define “light photons” and “infrared photons” 

  1. How are they represented in the simulation?
  2. If you were talking to a friend about what you observe, how would you explain what is happening with the energy from the sun and the energy from the Earth?

2.  In the winter, weather reporters often day “It will be a very cold night because there are no clouds.”

a.    Use the sim to see if you can understand why this could be true.

b.    Describe your observations.

c.    If you were a weather person, how might you use what you understand about clouds and the effect on temperature to predict night-time weather for a summer month like June?

3.How can you make the greenhouse gases act similar to clouds?

a.    Explain what you did.

b.    Give the evidence to prove you made them act alike in a few different situations.

4.What do you notice about greenhouse gas effect on photons that is different from clouds? Give examples from situations that you made in the sim to support your ideas.

5.Use the Photon Absorption tab to identify which of the molecules provided in the sims are Greenhouse Gases. State microscopic evidence that supports your ideas.

6.Why do you think the inside of a car feels so much warmer than its surroundings on sunny days?

  1. How can you use the sim to test your ideas?
  2. Describe your experiment and state some evidence that explain the different temperatures on a microscopic level using photons.

Extension:Discover when the “Ice Age” was and what was has changed about the composition of the greenhouse gases. Include citations for your answers.How did the sim developersusee research information in the sim design?

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