1) I need to create a class, named ReadProduct. It has the following two attributes:

1) I need to create a class, named ReadProduct.java. It has the following two attributes:

• an ArrayList object, listProduct, which will contain Product objects and

• a HashMap object, mapCodeProduct, in which the key is product code, and the value is the product object.

2) The class has a method, readProductFile(), that reads products.txt line by line(refer to chapter 18 for the text file’s format and sample content). Using information from each line, it creates a Product object and stores the object in the listProduct ArrayList. This class contains another method, getListProduct(), which returns the listProduct ArrayList object.

3) When reading each line, it stores the product code and the product object as a record to the mapCodeProduct HashMap object. It provides another method, getMapCodeProduct(), which returns the mapCodeProduct HashMap object.

4) I need to create another class, ProductApp.java, which has a main method to test the ReadProduct class.

5) Products.txt file would be comma-separated text file. Each row represents one product as follows:

Wuth,Wuthering Heights,49.50

Mbdk, Moby Dick,33.67

Wooz,Wizard of Oz, 44.29

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