1. What is the type of unemployment in the following scenario?

1.    What is the type of unemployment in the following scenario? State the unemployment typeand explain in a few sentences why it is the case.

a)    (1 mark) After completing a complex computer programming project, Tetsuo got fired from his work. His prospects for a new job requiring a similar set of skills are good, and he has signed up with a job placement service for a programmer. He has declined offers for low-paying jobs.

b)   (1 mark) When Akira and his co-workers refused to accept any pay cuts, his employer started to outsource the programming jobs to low-paid workers in another country. This outsourcing is happening throughout the programming industry.

c)    (1 mark) Due to the current economic slowdown, Kaneda has been laid off from his programming job. His boss promises to rehire him when business picks up. 

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