travel motivator

With regards to the reopening of the borders; using the list of travel motivators, choose any six (6) to create a poster inviting tourist to the BVI. For each travel motivator that you choose, add a picture and a brief description.

Ex. Flora

The cedar flower is the national flower of the BVI which can be seen by visiting our botanical gardens or our lovely parks.


Pictures   6mks

Creativity  4mks

Layout/Design 4mks

Descriptions 6mks

The following are reasons why tourists come to the BVI.


  1. Climate ———because of its location, the Caribbean has a tropical climate all year round


  1. Physical features—– beaches, reef, caves, etc


  1. Flora– —flowers, plant medicinal purposes


  1. Fauna—Birds, butterflies, insects (anegada—iguana)


  1. Heritage— buildings, forts, museum, historic village


  1. Festival— August Monday, Virgin Gorda Easter Festival


  1. Sports —-track and field, fishing, diving etc


  1. Exhibitions—- culinary, craft, trade show


  1. Conferences— educational, religious, medical etc


  1. Religious activities

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