pathophysiology and disease diagnosis

A 16-year-old male presents with delayed pubertal signs and social immaturity. His lab values show low testosterone.  He was administered GnRH and no LH was produced. HCG was administered which restored testosterone to normal levels. What is male hypogonadism? What is hormone administration. Is there a problem with the hypothalamus?  Why or why not?

APA format- 150 words


A 60-year-old Type I diabetic presents with discoloration of his right leg. The pathogen is clostridium perfringens. Compare and contrast gas gangrene and wet gangrene. Compare and contrast apoptosis and necrosis. Identify the mechanism of cellular injury. How did diabetes contribute to this condition?

APA 150 words


A 19-year-old co ed presents with increasing diarrhea and constipation over the last 2 weeks. She has a history of celiac disease.What is the role of immunity and celiac disease?What is the effect of gluten on celiac disease. Whats the pathophysiology of the diarrhea and constipation.

APA format with references, 150 words.


Week 8

An 80-year-old male presents with resolving decubitus, that is now oozing and red. The wound team has been involved.  His daughter wants information regarding his skin condition. What are the phases of wound healing What is resolution, regeneration and replacement? What is the significance of the oozing and discoloration? What factors impede the healing process and why?

150 words, APA format with reference

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