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1. A customer submits the drawing below as a design for you to you to manufacture. What’s wrong with it? Draw it correctly, showing the appropriate level of views and detail, on a separate sheet. The hole diameter is 1″ and it goes all the way through; the hole is also counterbored on the backside, 1.5″ in diameter, 0.25 deep.

2. How many seconds old do you need to be in order to purchase alcohol (legally) in Massachusetts? Show how you got this.

3. An engineer submits a design for coupling two steel plates together with three 7/16-14 UNC bolts (ref. chart, http://www.enqineersedqe.com/screw threads chart.htm for the specifications). The coupling must sustain an axial force of 2,600 pounds. You think that the design is insufficient.

A.If the maximum allowable sheer stress on the bolt material is 8,800 psi, how many bolts are required? How many rivets?

B.List at least two reasons for choosing one type of fastener over another.

4. Describe the steps you would take to solve a complex problem. Use an example if it makes the explanation more clear.

5. You are given the following data and clearly there is a range of values. What would you consider (as a starting point) to be the range of “good” values? What do you base this on? Show your work/calculations.

6. You go in to buy tires for your car and the tire salesman tells you that he would give you a great deal on a set of tires which could safely run at 5,000 radians per minute. The outer diameter of these tires is 32 inches. Would you buy these tires? Why or why not?

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