Acc 1010 Week 4

Part 1: Discussion Board Initial Post (15 pts – Due Wednesday):
Grant Film Productions wishes to expand and has borrowed $100,000.  As a condition for making this loan, the bank requires that the business maintain a current ratio of at least 1.50.
Business has been good but not great.  Expansion costs have brought the current ration down to 1.40 on December 15.  Rita Grant, the owner of the business, is considering what might happen if she reports a current ratio of 1.40 to the bank.  One course of action for Grant is to record in December, $10,000 of revenue that the business will earn in January of next year.  The contract for this job has been signed. Journalize the revenue transaction and indicate how recording this revenue in December would affect the current ratio. Discuss whether it is ethical to record the revenue transaction in December. Identify the accounting principle relevant to this situation, and give the reasons underlying your conclusion.
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