According to Heraclitus a. Only Being is b. All things are in flux c. All things are stable and unchanging d. There are no things e. None of the…

1.      According to Heraclitus

a.      Only Being is

b.     All things are in flux

c.      All things are stable and unchanging

d.     There are no things

e.     None of the above

2.      According to the famous physicist Albert Einstein

a.      Scientists are very interested in philosophical questions

b.     Scientists are often great philosophers

c.      Scientists are poor philosophers

d.     None of the above

3.      The Sophists claimed to be able to teach

a.      Virtue or excellence

b.     Argumentation

c.      Persuasive speaking (rhetoric)

d.     Individual subjects such as geometry

e.     All of the above

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