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Art History

10-15 slide power point Your objec6ve for your presenta6on is to expand the understanding of 20th century art by selec6ng an art object that is contemporaneous with the works and the period of Modernisms Of the Americas Art object chosen – Jean Carlu, America’s Answer! Produc6on, (1942), In order to deliver a successful presenta6on you […]


School of Nursing Name: Date: Care Plan Nursing Care Plan- Basic Conditioning Factors   Patient identifiers: Age: Gender: Ht: Wt. Code Status: Isolation: Development Stage (Erikson): Give the stage and rationale for your evaluation     Health Status   Date of admission: Activity level: Diet: Fall risk (indicate reason):   Client’s description of health status:   […]

Touchstone 4: Analyzing Your Personal Finances

SCENARIO: Three months have passed since you created your first financial plan (i.e., the Unit 2 Touchstone). In that time, your budget has gone through some changes. The good news is that your income has increased because of your strong performance at work. However, health care and miscellaneous costs have gone up along with your earnings. […]

HIS World Civilization Discussions

Discussion Reply Topic 1: Law Code of Hammurabi (D1 Reply #1) The code was written by King Hammurabi around 1750 BCE, a time when civilization was growing and changing rapidly (Jarus, 2022). A civilization under this dynamic prompted leaders who oversee these citizens, needed to take specific measures that would maintain peace and order in […]

Decision-making models to solve the organizational problem

Decision-making models are critical for making informed and consistent decisions. In this Assignment, you will use what you have learned about decision-making models to solve the organizational problem below.   Scenario Imagine that you are an organizational consultant for JOHNSON & JOHNSON. You have been asked to recommend who should lead a new initiative to […]

SWK-204- Social Work Research

  Lesson 12 Discussion-1 How would you build a positive relationship with your research participants?  Do you feel these relationships would make a difference in your outcomes? (300 Words) Lesson 12 Discussion-2 What social work issues could be studied using a qualitative research design? Why would this research method work best to study these topics? (300 Words) […]

correlational study

  Design a correlational study, groups will need two variables with at least five sets of data. between these two variables: time spent playing video games and aggression. Then in 500-750 words, do the following: 1. Create a hypothesis for the group’s study. Consider the hypothesis and how the group will define operationally and measure […]

Development Of Corporate Governance

The Development of Corporate Governance in Saudi Arabia. Please cover the following: 1. Introduction (conceptual framework/purpose of the essay) 2. Literature on the importance of corporate governance 3. Development corporate governance codes in Saudi Arabia (a) discuss regulatory framework in relation to corporate governance (b) trace the history of corporate governance in the Kingdom (c) […]

Deciphering the Mysteries of Billing and Coding

      Submit your post answering the questions below and reply to two peers for full points · Who uses LOINC ? · What, if any, healthcare IT involvement is there in maintaining this code set? · What did you think about Donna’s answer? Skylar Researchers, labs, providers, insurance companies and certain agencies use […]