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Write in-depth, comprehensive responses that promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing.


At the latest Lunch and Learn seminar for TLG consultants, Winnie begins the seminar with a discussion of the case of a new client, Johnson, owner of Tip Top Cleaning.

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Facts: Johnson contracted to purchase 5 cases of Window Sheen cleaner from GC at a price of $75.00 per case. The written sales agreement was signed by GC and Johnson and included all necessary terms for a valid and enforceable contract.

GC timely delivered to Johnson’s place of business. Johnson accepted delivery and stored the goods in a garage storage facility at the business facility, without inspection. Three weeks later, Johnson opened the cases and discovered the liquid cleaners were frozen. Johnson wants GC to replace the goods.

You must begin the discussion by reacting to the following question.

A. Analyze and explain whether GC should be required to replace the Window Sheen products and why or why not. Consider UCC rules in your analysis.


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