Business-Level And Corporate-Level Strategies Overview

In this assignment, you are to use the same corporation you selected and focused on for the assignments, Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness and External and Internal Environments.


Research the company on its own website, public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Filing & Forms page, Strayer University’s online databases, the Lexis Advance database, and any other sources you can find. The annual report will often provide insights that can help address some of these questions.

Use the Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Template [DOCX] to ensure that your assignment meets the requirements.


Write a 6-8 page paper in which you do the following:

  • Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
  • Analyze the corporate-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the corporate-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
  • Analyze the competitive environment to determine the corporation’s most significant competitor. Compare their strategies at each level and evaluate which company you think is most likely to be successful in the long term. Justify your choice.
  • Determine whether your choice from Question 3 would differ in slow-cycle and fast-cycle markets.
  • Use at least three quality references. Note:Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Out For Blood In Silicon Valley

In January Elizabeth Holmes, former CEO of Theranos Inc. was found guilty on three counts of fraud and another count of conspiracy to commit fraud. Her sentencing is due in September. This has been a fascinating story of one of the largest frauds committed in Silicon Valley. There have been a number of video programs regarding her story and that of her company.

Instructions: Read the following WSJ article to see a timeline of this story. There are numerous other related stories embedded should you wish to follow them.    Also check out the HBO trailer video link below and comment on your impressions of this fraud. There is no required length here. I just want you to be exposed to this case.

A Theranos Timeline: The Downfall of Elizabeth Holmes, a Silicon Valley Superstar (Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.)

HBO Documentary Trailer: The Inventor – Out For Blood in Silicon Valley

Hybrid model Case Study

 Part 1 

Describe a complex project that could be completed using a Hybrid Model.  Describe the hybrid model? Why do you feel that this model is better for this type of project? What would be the impact of completing the project using a different approach?

Part 2

Case Study Link

Case Study Overview: In February 2017 the Team Project Manager and Flow Project Coordinator for Dell Technologies-Limerick (Ireland), is preparing for a review with Dell’s Systems and Processes Improvement board, early in a transition from the use of one agile software development method (Scrum) to another (Flow, which applies lean manufacturing techniques to software engineering). The new manager has been on board for less than six months. With ten years’ prior software development experience in Brazil, he moved to Ireland when hired by Dell. Dell is midway through its attempts to transform from a manufacturing-heavy strategy to an IT-supported service-heavy strategy; its recent acquisition of EMC is an important step in that direction, and executives expect Flow will help globally-distributed software developers produce higher quality code, faster, in follow-the-sun mode. The Flow coordinator/champion recognizes Flow is a complex innovation; it will take time and focus for busy software developers (who only recently mastered Scrum techniques) to master new Flow techniques. The champion is also concerned that needed digital Kanban functionality (essential for supporting globally distributed teams using Flow) has not yet been approved or provided by the Dell IT organization in Texas; this and other obstacles are impeding the developers’ transition to Flow. Keen to demonstrate his commitment to help Dell achieve these aims, he worries that some executives expect performance improvements sooner than teams can realistically deliver. He seeks to persuade executives to be both patient and helpful. As he plans his 20-minute presentation for the next day’s meeting, he is told to keep his remarks to executives simple: highlight no more than three messages.Questions:

  1. What should Ferreira do next to accelerate Flow Adoption?
  2. What three points should Ferreira make at the 7 Feb 2017 SPI Board Review?
  3. Review the seven lean manufacturing principles and demonstrate how Ferreira used them when implementing Flow.

Part 3

Case Study Overview:  In conventional business and government megaprojects–such as hydroelectric dams, chemical-processing plants, or big-bang enterprise-resource-planning systems–the standard approach is to build something monolithic and customized. Such projects must be 100% complete before they can deliver benefits: Even when it’s 95% complete, a nuclear reactor is of no use. On the basis of 30 years of research and consulting on megaprojects, the author has found two factors that play a critical role in determining success or failure: replicable modularity in design and speed in iteration. The article examines those factors by looking at well-known megaprojects, both successful ones, and cautionary tales.

Case Study Link

Using the megaproject case study  answer the following:Build and describe a complex model that can be used to manage the mega-project described in the case study linked above.  Your model should include the following:

  1. Overview of the process
  2. Pictorial design of the process
  3. Description of each phase
  4. Explanation as to why this process will work when managing megaprojects.



What visible signs of success (for example, reduced health issues) would I look for? What is your projected effectiveness?

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements Evaluation of Plan Effectiveness Criteria In the evaluation component of the Capstone project, you are expected to discuss how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions. Some questions you should seek answers to are: 1. Would I be able to implement the interventions? If not, what barriers exist? 2. What visible signs of success (for example, reduced health issues) would I look for? What is your projected effectiveness?

Compare and contrast electronic medical records with personal health records.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements “Ethics and Globalization of Health Care, and Electronic Medical Records Versus Personal Health Records” Please respond to the following: From the e-Activity, examine the primary reasons why medical tourism is becoming popular among Americans, and determine whether or not the health care industry should encourage this consumer behavior. Give at least two (2) specific examples associated with such patient medical consumerism behaviors. Compare and contrast electronic medical records with personal health records. Justify the ethical responsibility of keeping patients’ medical and personal health records confidential.


Accounts Receivable Management

It is critical that financial leaders have a firm grasp of the organization’s receivables, because roughly 75 percent of a provider’s current assets is tied up in AR (Zelman, McCue, Glick, & Thomas, 2014). In addition to your text (linked in Resources), select three journal articles to support your conclusions. Complete the following:

  • Prepare a strategic assessment based on your research surrounding AR management and discuss three ways a health care provider can reduce days in AR.
  • Prepare a strategic assessment based on your research surrounding AR management and discuss three ways a health care provider can monitor days in AR.
  • Develop a perspective on the long-term financial trends surrounding AR management. Discuss the risks surrounding inadequate AR management.
  • Discuss three significant changes or trends that are taking place and their impact on the revenue cycle. Discuss how these trends will impact organizational strategy, patient care, and community health.

Wk1: Current Topics Brainstorming


Trevecca Library

Trevecca LibraryThis course is highly focused on current research.  Therefore, it will be important for you to have a firm grasp on the resources available to you through Trevecca’s Waggoner Library.  For this reason, we’ve created a DBA Research Guide. The DBA Research Guide has information about library resources (databases, books, eBooks, and streaming video), APA formatting, Dissertations, Google Scholar, and course-related topics such as current business trends. There are also special ‘How to” guides for citation styles, tutorials, and more. One of your first assignments in this course requires you to use library resources. You may already be familiar with these resources or they may be new to you.   Watch the video on the Business Trends Research page to learn more about library resources and find current issues and trends in business.DBA Library Research Guide

Wk1: Current Topics Brainstorming

Wk1: Current Topics BrainstormingIn weeks 2-7 of this course, we will examine one current issue each week. The first week involves brainstorming what those topics will be.  And while brainstorming is, theoretically, supposed to be free form, the nature of the course requires that there be some constraints:

  • The topics you propose should be current issues. In other words, they should not be recurring issues or ones that could have just as easily been discussed ten years ago.  For example, “conflict in the workplace” would not be an appropriate topic because there has been conflict in the workplace for eons.  But something like “leading a Christian university in an increasingly hostile societal environment” could be.
  • The issues you propose should be related to management or leadership in the workplace. So, while “entire versus progressive sanctification” could make for an interesting discussion, it is not an issue related to management or leadership in the workplace, at least not for most people.
  • The issues you propose should have some literature available on them. Because these are recent issues, the availability of peer-reviewed journal (PRJ) articles may be limited, but there should be some high-quality literature available.  Please do a search – preferably using the library databases – to ensure that some good literature is available on each topic you propose.
  • The issues you propose should potentially be of interest to your colleagues; you will be voting on which of the submitted topics become the weekly topics for weeks 2-7.

Your assignment is to submit a list of six topics for consideration by the class.  Each topic should have a name and a brief (no more than 50 words) description.  You will submit your topics to the discussion board so that everyone can see them.

Macroeconomics Case Study Dynisha


In this exercise, you will demonstrate your ability to find macroeconomic data from public sources and to display it in an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Start by choosing one of these three macroeconomic variables: Real GDP, the unemployment rate, or the inflation rate.
  2. Follow these instructions to find numbers for your macroeconomic variable for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017:
  3. Prepare an Excel spreadsheet that has two columns and four rows. In cell A1 type in the variable you selected and bold the text. In the heading for cell A2, type, “Year.” In cells A3, A4, and A5 descending below this heading, type the years 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  4. In the heading for cell B2, type the name of the variable you chose (Real GDP, Unemployment Rate, or Inflation Rate). In the cells below this heading, type the values for each of the three years.
  5. Underneath your table, type “Source:” and then paste the URL of the source where you found your data.

Resources to Complete This Assignment

.Identify current environmental risk assessment methods which apply to public health issues

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Review your state public health department and environmental quality departments online to identify vector-related diseases affecting your community. In a report format of 1,250-1,500 words, address the following: Describe the health concerns of the community.Identify current environmental risk assessment methods which apply to public health issues.Suggest a modifier or new prevention or intervention program based on your research.Create a sample program budget.

Legal-Ethical Paper: Case of North Broward Hosp. v. Kalitan : Please use the following Headings:, APA 6 Style. Introduction of caseIdentification of legal issueIdentification of ethical issueDelibera

Legal-Ethical Paper: Case of North Broward Hosp. v. Kalitan :  Please use the following Headings:, APA 6 Style.

  • Introduction of case
  • Identification of legal issue
  • Identification of ethical issue
  • Deliberation
  • Outcomes
  • Impact on local, state, or federal policy and/or general healthcare implications
  • Conclusion

Topic 5 DQ 2


Using the “Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing the Learning of All Students” and what you have learned, address the scenario below:

Mr. Green has taught high school Spanish for 10 years. He would like to start differentiating instruction and needs to make some changes to his current classroom practices, which are described below:

  • Delivers instruction primarily by lecturing.
  • Does not permit students to retake tests they have failed.
  • Records zeros for missing assignments.
  • Groups students at the beginning of the year based on the previous year’s achievement test scores.
  • Gives bonus points for classroom participation.
  • Gives a test every Friday.

Explain why each of Mr. Green’s classroom practices are not a differentiated practice and describe what he can do differently with each of them.

IRIS | Challenge (

Identify two GCU Library scholarly databases that will help you find the best research articles to support your capstone project change proposal. Discuss why these two databases are better than Google

Identify two GCU Library scholarly databases that will help you find the best research articles to support your capstone project change proposal. Discuss why these two databases are better than Google Scholar or a general Internet search.

Cochrane Database and CINAHL are two chosen[email protected]


Practice Writing an Annotated Bibliography Entry


  1. As suggested in my introductory video for this week’s module, I suggest beginning with a prewrite on your chosen prompt for the Research Project.
  2. Type up the given prompt question and see what you can find on ELAC’s database (or possibly Google Scholar).
    1. If you’re finding too many sources (thousands, hundreds) you might try to make your question, like this:
      1. Example of an initial question: How do you take care of pets?
      2. Example of making the initial question more specific: How do you train dogs to become guide dogs for the blind?
        1. This is just an example. Your Research Project prompt must be one of the few given on your Research Project instructions (see week 9).
  3. Once you find a source you like, you will read that source. Then use the template for the Annotated Bibliography (see the template in AB4) to write your first entry.
  4. You will submit that entry here (ideally as MS Word or a PDF file).
  5. If you would like, you may use that source for your final Annotated Bibliography due this Saturday.
  6. Please note that you MAY NOT use the same source as another student. If you do so, I’ll ask you to submit this assignment again on an another source.

do women live longer than men globally


Week 4 Discussion

We would all agree that there is some level of stress in everyone’s life. The stress response may be quite similar for each of us; however, there are distinct differences in the way women and men experience and respond to stress.

In your exploration of these concepts, respond to the following:

  • Looking beyond the United States, do women live longer than men globally? Lifestyle differences may account for some differences in longevity and mortality rates. What are some of the differences in gender variations around the world? How do they impact gender, health, and longevity?
  • What are some coping strategies?
  • How does the social support system play a role in gender longevity? Are there gender differences in violent deaths? Validate your response with supporting research.

Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your textbook and course readings. Start reviewing and responding to at least two of your classmates as early in the week as possible. You can ask technical questions or respond generally to the overall experience. Be sure to be honest, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress. Using questions and seeking clarifications are good ways to make your reviews substantive!

  • Use an APA style reference list with in-text citations in your initial response.
  • Use an APA style reference list with in-text citations in at least one of your two responses to classmates.

Week 4 Discussion

Contains unread posts



Women do tend to live longer than men globally for a number of reasons. Women tend to go to the doctor more for checkups and can discover a health problem sooner. Women also do not live the high-risk life that most men do which contributes to a longer life for women. Girls tend to do better than boys in reading and writing, but boys tend to do better than girls in math, science, and geography. When both gender and race are looked at, many of the differences between men and women disappear. The genetic, biochemical, and physiological processes, including hormonal ones, that affect illness risk, progression, and consequences can all be influenced by a person’s gender.

Women scored significantly higher than the men in chronic stress and minor daily stressors. ( Matud, 2004) Some coping strategies would be to try relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation. Eat healthy well-balanced meals. Learn time management to help manage your time better creating less stress for you. Seek help and talk to people you trust to help.

Motivation can be boosted with the help of others. Maintaining positive social connections can help people stay on track in the pursuit of their goals.


Matud, M. P. (2004). Gender differences in stress and coping styles. Personality and Individual Differences, 37(7), 1401-1415.



psy 480week 1

– Must be origional work


– Participation 8 times on 3 different days


– Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you examine clinical psychology.

Address the following items:

  • Discuss the history and evolving nature of clinical psychology.
  • Explain the role of research and statistics in clinical psychology.
  • Discuss the differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions, including social work, psychiatry, and school psychology.

Include a minimum of two sources from peer-reviewed publications.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

APA Summary Table

List all Five references/ citations at bottom of the summary table. Each category will expand down.




Alhadidi, M. M., Lim Abdullah, K., Yoong, T. L., Al Hadid, L., & Danaee, M. (2020). A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of psychoeducation interventions for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 66(6), 542–552.

PICOT statement: Is cognitive behavioral therapy more effective in managing/controlling schizophrenia than psychoeducation in a two-year period in this population?



Citation Research question Study design Sample size and method Independent variables and measures Dependent variables and measures Results General strengths General weakness Overall quality of study Summary statement practice


Reference list: