continuous response and continuous explanatory variable research question and perform the appropriate hypothesis test with Stata.

continuous response and continuous explanatory variable research question and perform the appropriate hypothesis test with Stata. Make sure you explicitly show all five steps and consider any necessary assumptions that were discussed in the lecture.

These steps are:

  1. Define the parameter of interest
  2. State the hypotheses
  3. Determine the test statistic and p-value considering any necessary assumptions
  4. Decide whether to reject or not reject the null hypothesis
  5. Clearly state a conclusion in the context of the problem

how do i determine test statistic in data?

here my work. what do you think?

 I have listed my research questions and the answers of the hypothesis testing.

My research questions:

Are the variables diabetes(ex) and angina(res) independent of each other? Cat/cat

Is there a significant difference in mean glucose (continuous- interval) response level between diabetic and non-diabetic patients (categorical-dichotomous) (explanatory)?

Is there a correlation between age(ex) and glucose(response) (cont/cont)?

Parameter of interest:population correlation between the level of blood glucose and age.

Hypothesis:H0(null hypothesis): p=0;  

                     p not= 0

Tests statistic: ?

P- value is 0.24 much higher than 0.05.

Graph: Graphical summary of continuous/continuous association scatterplot of glucose and age

Decision: since the p-value is more than my alpha level of .05, it fails to reject the null hypothesis of no correlation.

Conclusion: I can’t conclude that a significant difference exits. In my research question there is not statistically significant correlation between blood glucose level and age. 

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