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I would like you to make a response just simple reply to these two students discussions.

Please use your own words do not copy any thing from the internet.

here is the first one 

I think terrorism is one of the biggest issues the world faces today. Although some countries suffers from terrorism more than others do this is still an issue that affects the world altogether. Terrorist groups have become more prevelant and have more ways to recruit than ever before. Although national terrorism is the so important home grown terrorism is still and important and dangerous form to keep in mind. Terrorism instills so much fear into the nations and it doesn’t allow for people to function within a normal mind set on the daily. People within every country live in fear because they know it is something that could strike at literally any moment. Dealing with terrorism is hard because I personally believe that once you take down one group another group would just form to take there place. I don’t really forsee there ever being a time when terrorism doesn’t exist. I think the terrorist organizations need to be taken down one by one to hopefully get a less radical terrorist group. On the other hand it does come to a point that we lessened the force of Al-Qaeda but we got and even worse group in there place, that being ISIS.

Here is the second one 

Terrorism is in fact a huge problem that the world faces today, but while it is a huge problem it is not the biggest. Unfortunately the amount of coverage that terrorist organizations get is to me too much, not only do we legitimize these organizations that pervert whatever ideal they are preaching but we also make it the main focus. Issues on war tensions and climate warming are far more important in a global scale as they affect the long term longevity of this planet. When it come to matters of terrorism it should be left in the states job to deal with but beyond that terrorist act from Isis who hide behind Islam should be handled by Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia and countries in the Arab Union. Fixing relations with countries like Russia and China are a more urgent matter as these are the countries who constantly are going up against the U.S.  We also have a more pressing matter in the form of broken democracies and increasing climate change problems, you have countries like Venezuela who are struggling to stay afloat because of a broken political system but you also have countries dealing with some of the worst weather patterns they have ever seen.

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