COURSE: GEOG101 TOPIC: South Asia Physiographic Features Please answer the question. Geography:

source for cultural understanding

South Asia Physiographic Features

QUESTIONS:  South Asia is striking in its physiographic make up. Incredible mountains, steaming jungles, stark deserts, and balmy islands. Pick the feature or features most striking to you and give some details that intrigue you.


Specific Content

Address chosen Forum Topic specifically incorporating textbook information and personal analysis.

Weight: 50%: Specifically speaks to topic using concepts and terms from the text. Includes personal analysis, observation, or experience.

Writing Style

Writing Style is to be understandable and within grammatical standards.

Weight: 15%: Clear and concise with no grammatical errors.


Specific Content

Response specifically to at least two Peers’ posting with personal comment and analysis.

Weight: 35% Responds to more than two peers with comment and analysis specific to initial posting. (If you could make up words that would be much appreciated)

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