create/update a WBS – Schedule to include detailed a project task tracking document and continue to develop your Final Project.

Assignment Grading Rubric Course: IT 49 9 Unit: 6 Points: 5 0 Copyright Kaplan University Assignment 6: Project – Execution and Communications Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:  Identify the characteristics of a successful project.  Research project tasks. Course outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment: IT499 – 1: Technology Skills: Apply current technical tools and methodologies to solve problems. IT499 – 3: System Specifications: Design information systems. IT499 – 5: Business Analysis: Evaluate the potential impact of information systems and technology on business processes. IT499 – 6: Project Management: Apply project management practices, tools, and methods. Assignment Instructions In this Assignment, you will create/update a WBS – Schedule to include detailed a project task tracking document and continue to develop your Final Project. You will also create a communications piece to update people about the project; it will be a Word document (as an email proxy) and you would attach your completed WBS – Schedule Project Task Tracking spreadsheet to the email. In your simulated case, you will zip both documents together for Dropbox submission. Note: Important — Research and search the following terms: “Check Lists,” “Project Guides,” and “ Characteristics of a successful project ” for your project type . Using information obtained from your research and from extending the scenario in an imaginative direction to add detail, you will develop your project task list as you work on the project. Your research this week should be focused on identifying specific technical areas and tasks related to your project that you may not have previously identified as being important. These tasks should involve new and/or extended learning in the subject area of you project type. 1. Update your WBS/Schedule to include Project Task Tracking. (Use and extend your preexisting WBS/Schedule). See below for some detail on the meaning and information contained within these documents. In any project, the execution, control, and monitoring are accomplished using The WBS/Schedule. In many cases, they may be separate documents, but for your purpose, they have been combined into one document. The project manager will periodically (daily/weekly) review the task completion progression with the responsible parties and update the WBS/Schedule as required. You will have already completed a detailed WBS/Schedule. Now, you will look to add more detail to it based on what you are actually doing. When the Assignment is complete, you will really have a single document WBS/Schedule/Task Tracking document. The updated document will show the tasks have already been completed and may include new tasks that were not in your original WBS. Did you miss detail in your original task breakdown? If so, now is the


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