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The assignment that I need help in doing is the Graded Discussion Week 4.

In this assignment, I have to do the following:
Go to
Click on Data &Tech, under Data &Tech Resources choose Listed Quotes – scroll down, under Bonds click on View Directory. In the window “Issuer name” type the name of the company on your choice. Click Go.
-The Issuer name of the company that I picked is “McKesson.”
1) Here is the important thing that I want you to know, there are many corporation names under McKesson. But to make it easy as possible, I have already picked the one that I’m doing;
Here is the one that I picked: make sure to select this company


This is the one, you should pick and look at. The steps after the website that I mentioned are below. Most importantly, Please let me know if this name under McKesson will work or not. Please let me know, Thank you.


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