DB: Week 5 – FEMA Whole Community; (SINGLE SPACED APA STYLE) (City of choice, Orlando, Florida)

Read the follwing carefully to avoid any revision

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(City of choice, Orlando, Florida) WIRTE about the city Orlando, Florida)

“Reflect on the FEMA Whole Community Approach and relate the Strategic Themes listed to your personal community. List in a table, (as comprehensively as possible) the “unique” subpopulations in your defined community (by language, education or reading level, cultural belief systems, socio-economic capability [financial and /or ‘status’], age, and technology (phone, computer, television, radio, newsprint) access. In the same table (recommend Excel spreadsheet) identify at least two representative agencies or individual community leaders for each defined sub-population. In other words, look to see how the community you have chosen applies the FEMA Whole Community concept.”

*** NOTE: “Much like last week, the FEMA Whole Community document is a big one, but I have provided an overview file. Additionally, the following video will help clarify much of the document’s highlights. Take the time to listen.


*** (City of choice, Orlando, Florida) WIRTE about the city Orlando, Florida)

*** Find the attachments

*** Use Only governmental and trusted resources from Orlando city officials

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