Decision making style.

( I will tell you what to write)

In this assignment we will examine how you make decisions. Each of you have a certain style of making a decision. If you understand the strengths and weaknesses of that style, the more effective decision maker you will be. In this assignment you will be exploring how you make decisions by understanding your exploring your decision making style and then applying it to an actual situation.

Part 1: Your Decision Making Style

Directions: Return to your module to the page titled, “Discovering Your Decision Making Style.” On that page you will be able to identify your decision making style based on your communication work style survey that you took earlier in the class.

There are three questions you need to now answer:

1. Based on your communication style, what does the answers to the work style exercise suggest is your primary decision making style? (Hint, your decision making style corresponds to an animal.)

2. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment of your decision making and why or why not?

3. What are the strengths and challenges of your decision making style.

Part 2: Your Decision Style in Action

Directions: I want you to be familiar with your decision making style. To do this I needed an exercise that allows you to make decisions. In this module is a page called “The Hammurabi Game.” In this game you will take on the role of the ruler of a country who has to make decisions for the welfare of your people. After playing the Hammurabi game several times, I want you to examine the decisions you made.

1. How does your decision making style describe the decisions you made in the game. For example, if you were an Eagle decision maker, did your decisions reflect that style? Give specific examples.

2. Did you get better with your decisions? Could this mean that you are getting smarter?

3. How would your rate the success of your game playing?

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