Define Adverse Impact

Prepare a response of approximately 500-750 words.

  • Define “adverse impact” and discuss how it is proved in a legal situation. Speculate on how the use of social media (e.g. Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) might allow for adverse impact in human resource functions such as hiring. Finally, discuss what you as a “human resource consultant” would recommend to avoid such discrimination.

Please note: You must submit your assignment through Turnitin (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. It is recommended that you do this a few days before the deadline in case this turns up any problems with your paper.

Submit your paper using the link below. It sometimes takes several minutes for the program to analyze your paper. Eventually you should see your “Report.” The Report should include a percentage score and a color code. If the color is green or blue, you are OK. If it is yellow or red, click to see comments. The report should indicate where your text is too similar to a publication. If you have placed any identical passages TURNITIN finds and provide a source for that quotation, there is not a problem (even if your score puts you in the yellow or red zone). However, if the program turns up passages of more than one or two lines, this IS a problem. You will then need to either take those passages out, paraphrase them and cite the source, or indicate they are quotations and cite the source.

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