Dell company evaluation

Based on the Dell case, assume you are in a fund company and your manager want to invest Dell company. So, you need to do some research and evaluate the Dell inc and give your own opinion about why Dell should be invested to your manager. Please do some research for the Dell company and you can use the link below and follow the TNT inc. example to write 25 pages double space paper which is not include the title page, table of content and reference to evaluate Dell company.

1.; Forbes, Oct 30, 207

1., Oct 23, 2013, Official Website

1., NYT, February 5, 2013

1., Oct 23, 2013, Official Website

http://www.sec.govDefinitive proxy for Dell

  • Dell Inc Form S-1 from the time of the buyout announcement
  • Southeastern Asset Management Challenges Buyout at Dell; Harvard Business School, Product #: 114015-PDF-ENG

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