describe the technical capabilities that is used by


The assignment is related to the application Shazam (, and you should describe the technical capabilities used by the tool, (See the picture below- in the attached file)

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The instructions are below after Shazam information. There are three questions, each question must be in one page in essay format. APA style ( the paper must be well-written) . Please the conclusion must be strong and consistence ( The paper suggests areas for further improvement. The papers addresses all the questions in the assignment.) and dont forget the introduction,


Please describe Shazam’s technical capabilities in terms of:

1. Customer Data Integration

2. Predictive Intelligence

3. Campaign Automation

Hint: Use Chapter 14 (see figure 14.1, in page 187), in your textbook (Predictive Marketing,…) to answer the questions.

More Info about Shazam® that might help you:

How does Shazam® works?

• It is a music recognition


• Distills samples of songs into fingerprints

• Matches fingerprints to known songs from its database

About Shazam®

  • Launched in 2002
  • 1 billion users
  • Billions tags
  • Interacts with TV shows
  • Bought by Apple® in 2017

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