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study case: The Muuratsalo House


|Written Description (1000-1500 words). Elaborate your analysis, and describe

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how this can be read throughout the documents you are producing. You can

use this text as the script for your presentation in class.

The following is the abstract and bib i wrote for my study case,

The Muuratsalo House

The Muuratsalo House is designed by Alvar Aalto located on the western shore of the island called Muuratsalo. The whole architecture is composed of the experiment house itself, a woodshed, smoke sauna and a boat-house. The Experimental House, consists of the main building and a quest wing. The main building is in L shape and the walls enclose an internal courtyard which opens towards the lake and route. The facade of the house is plaster that is painted white on the outside, and the different-patterned red brick wall is facing inside. At the center of the courtyard is an open fireplace which is also the heart of the patio. On the east of the building is the quest wing. The main building contains the living areas, bedrooms(Elissa and Alvar Aalto’s bedroom has a window with a wooden shutter opening onto the courtyard), kitchen and bathroom.(L shape part). The two exists of this space is one on the east side to

the garden and the other to a path leading through trees towards the shore and the sauna.


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