Design change plan and prospoal plan.



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Your executive vice president (EVP) has decided to restructure six of the current business units into one sector structure. He has asked you to put together two deliverables for his team to review.

Part 1

You are to write an Executive Summary White Paper reflecting the benefits of the recommended change. Include the following in your white paper:

  • Short introduction about the alignment between organizational structure and organizational strategy
  • Productivity improvement analysis for each organizational structure option
  • Potential cost of each organizational structure option
  • Potential schedule for the merger
  • Your recommendation and why

Part 2

For this part, you are to write a Change Proposal Paper of 2,500 words in which you reflect upon your recommendation from Part 1.

Your EVP is very excited to get started on the change plan for the business unit merger project that you recommended in your Executive Summary White Paper. Before he signs off on the launch date for the project, the EVP wants to see a proposed change plan. Each of the impacted six divisions have approximately 830 employees, and each are organized in the following functions:

  • Project management
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Public relations
  • Procurement

He was very impressed with your ideas on a customer service organization and wants to include this new function in the new organization. The change plan should include the following:

  • Assessments
  • Examples of the return on investment (ROI)
  • Training required
  • Who will be involved in the full change planning
  • Communication plan
  • Places for potential economies of scale in the merger
  • Action plan
  • Schedule on the implementation of the new structure

He would also like to know what you need him and the other executive team members to do in support of this project.

What you learned about your client team in the previous change assignments is that they like to see charts with clear objective facts and the latest research in support of the ideas you are presenting in the documents that they review prior to the full team discussion. This is a critical project, so you will want to develop a standard list of questions to interview each of the seven executives to gather their input regarding this project. Be sure to build this diagnostic data collection into the overall project schedule.

Note: You may use applicable prior assignments from this course only as part of the development of this Change Plan.

You should use at least 6 valid graduate-level references and APA formatting





Organizational structure for reconstruing organization


The Organizational Development and Design Consulting Group (ODDCG) was formed back in 1980’s when there was a big upsurge in the economy and many companies were growing rapidly. The organization began as a three person operation and quickly grew to more than 500 today. There are 400 consultants around the world and 100 people in support roles. In the beginning, there was a very loose structure and no need for much in the way of an organizational design. Whoever had the necessary skills was put to work on the task, and things always seemed to work out. The client list was rather short,and it did not seem as if it was too difficult to keep them extremely happy with interventions and results. The reputation for quality and high levels of service was established for this highly process−driven company. After the organization grew to over 100 people, the president decided it was time to create more of a functional structure. Departments created included customer support and service, human resources, and accounting.

This structure seemed to work for a number of years; however, recent bi-annual customer satisfaction surveys produced feedback that the customers are not getting the service they are used to, and in some cases are threatening to leave and go to the competition. This organization has been very successful thus far and cannot afford to lose its customer base. The President has contacted the Vice President in charge of Organizational Development and asked for help in getting back to superb customer service with the size of the organization as it is today.

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