Write a 6–8  in which you:

  • Create a concept or theme for your restaurant.
  • Identify the key aspects of your concept or theme, the ownership type, and the restaurant type.
  • Provide a rationale for your decisions.
  • Outline the business plan for your restaurant.
  • Include a description of your company, basic market analysis, management structure, and financial risk assessment.
  • Provide support for each aspect of your business plan.
  • Identify the location of your restaurant and examine the major advantages and disadvantages of this location for your restaurant concept or theme.
  • Include pertinent demographic information from the United States Census Bureau website to justify your chosen location.
  • Outline the restaurant’s menu. Specify both food and beverage options, and include a sample layout of your menu in the report. Provide a rationale for your food selections.
  • Determine the layout and equipment for your restaurant’s kitchen.
  • Demonstrate the strategic manner in which the kitchen layout and chosen equipment adequately support your menu choices.
  • Use at least three sources to support your writing.

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