Designing a Balanced Scorecard, Wells Fargo’s web page (

Designing a Balanced Scorecard, Wells Fargo’s web page ( states that the company vision is “to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.” The brochure also describes the following 10 initiatives:

1)     Investments, brokerage, trust, and insurance.

2)     Going for “gr-eight”! (increase the average number of products per customer to eight).

3)     Commercial bank of choice.

4)     Doing it right for the customer.

5)     Banking with a mortgage.

6)     Wells Fargo cards in every Wells Fargo wallet.

7)     When, where and how.

8)     Information-based marketing.

9)     Be our customers’ payment processor.

10)  People as a competitive advantage.


Based on the annual reports and any other information you are able to find about Wells Fargo or its competitors, develop a Balanced Scorecard for Wells Fargo that will help it achieve its vision and monitor its performance on the strategic initiatives.

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