Designing a Training Program

For this project assignment on ABC Company, consider the concepts:

  • The various ways to obtain data during a needs assessment.
  • An appropriate source of data and recommend ways to obtain the data for a needs assessment.
  • The objectives of the training program.
  • How to design a lesson plan.

ABC Company is introducing new systems and new programs to their employees in the coming months. Management has determined that a training program will be offered in order to ensure employees understand the new programs and/or can use the new equipment. Select one of the below upcoming changes for the basis of this weeks’ project assignment:

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  • New online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Introduction of new manufacturing process equipment
  • New employee onboarding program
  • New stepping up to new supervisor program
  • New product quality program

After selecting your one project topic from the above list for this week, write a minimum 5 page paper addressing these 3 concepts:

  1. Propose the most appropriate way to complete a needs assessment.
    • What type of needs analysis should be completed and why? How should the organization go about completing the needs assessment?
    • What is the most effective way to gather the required data?
    • How should the needs assessment data be presented to management?
  2. Create training objectives for the training program. For the objectives, a review of Robert Mager’s Model of Objectives or other similar models will be helpful.
    • What do the employees need to learn for the program to be successful?
  3. Create a lesson plan for 1 day of training. Address the following questions:
    • What types of training methods will be used – on-the-job or classroom or distance learning?
    • Who should be the trainer?
    • What types of materials are needed and should be used?
    • When should the program be held and how many hours will it entail?
    • Make sure to develop and use an effective format for your lesson plan.
  4. Create a minimum 5 page document for this project assignment. However, depth of your analysis is important so more pages may be necessary. You will need to make some of your own assumptions about the company, group of employees affected, current employee level of knowledge on the subject, etc. Be sure to explain the assumptions made during your analysis.
  5. Include 3 credible references. See the course introduction for additional information on library databases.

Make sure to include an APA formatted title page and reference page for sources that you used for your research. Remember to follow APA guidelines when paraphrasing or quoting information. Don’t forget to cite your sources and include in-text citations as necessary.

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