determine how to best utilize a bundled payment structure to address patient needs.

(1)In this activity you will determine how to best utilize a bundled payment structure to address patient needs. Scenario: A patient comes in to your facility in need of a hip surgery. The patient is insured by a private insurance that has allotted a total of $30,000.00 to cover all costs for this procedure. These costs will include: Initial consultation. The surgical procedure (surgeon and all operation costs). Post-operation therapy sessions. Any additional follow-up post-therapy. The patient must have at least one round of therapy post-operation. Using this spreadsheet (Excel), develop a treatment plan for your patient selecting one of the patients listed below: Patient 1: 15-year-old female with Type 3 Hip Dysplasia (only known malady); general health is good; otherwise active lifestyle; very compliant with physician instruction. Patient 2: 27-year-old male athlete; hip labral tear occurred during a football game; known smoker and social drinker; disregards physician follow-up visits. Patient 3: 82-year-old woman; fractured hip discovered after minor fall; has multiple medications that are often mistaken; attempts to follow physician orders but is often confused. Determine the best course of action for one of the above patients using this spreadsheet: Bundled Payment Exercise (Excel)

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