Diet Analysis Report

Assignment 4 – Putting It All Together

Throughout this course you learned about the various nutrients and food groups that are essential for our health.  What you eat does matter. 

For this assignment, you are going to put it all together.  The last assignments have highlighted various portions of your diet. Now, what would your healthy, well-balanced diet look like?  What foods would it include? 

This assignment includes two parts. You are to write a report that covers both.  You should have a title page and include references if you need them.

Part I. During week 1 and 2, you recorded and analyzed your dietary intake for 3 days.  Now modify your intake to meet the following dietary recommendations. In order to make the changes, you will need to use the diet analysis program. Start a new profile so you do not lose your original diet analysis. Your new diet analysis must meet these goals.  These should look familiar.  They are recommendations we have discussed throughout the class.

  1. Calorie intake is within 200 calories of the calorie level recommended by the diet analysis program. Be sure you selected the correct activity for your daily activities.
  2. All nutrients on your “Bar Graph Report” are >100%.  (Please not this is >100% and not equal to 100%.)  Be sure not exceed the upper limit for the nutrient.
  3. All food groups on the “MyPlate” report are >100% and <250%.
  4. The source of calories from carbohydrate is >55% and the source of calories from fat is <25% (“Calories and Fat” report).

Once you have modified your diet, fill in the table below. Be sure to copy and paste it table into your report.  You can add more lines by placing your cursor in the last cell and hit the “tab” button.  This will add another line to the table.  You may not have the same number of foods in each column.

Answer the following questions in a short written essay. This summary should be at least one page, double spaced, 12 point font, and 1” margins.

  1. Was making the changes easy task? 
  2. Are the changes realistic? 
  3. Is there a particular type of food you found yourself adding and/or deleting?

You must submit your original All Daily Report and your modified All Daily Report.

Part II.  In the next two pages, you may do one of two things.  Whichever one you pick, your summary should be at least two pages, double spaced, 12 point font, and 1” margins.  Use references where needed.

  1. Relate the changes you made to 5 things you learned in the class.  There is no right or wrong. Be sure to explain your response in detail. Do make the 5 items obvious such as a new paragraph for each item.
  2. Implement one of the following and describe your experience.  You discussion should include the obstacles and successes you faced implementing the change.
  • Take all your vitamins and minerals through food for a week.
  • Obtain all protein through food for a week.
  • Increase whole grains in your diet for a week.

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