discovery excercise 1 |

Discovery Exercises (8 @ 50 points)
Each lesson will have a Discovery Research Exercise designed to assist you in developing a comprehensive view of today’s Economy. The Discovery Exercises may take many forms from hard research to expressing an opinion. All assignments will directly be related to the overall objectives of the course.

Assignment Rubric Points
1. Compliance with all directions. 50%
2. Content was logical, well written, and demonstrated adequate topic research. 25%
3. No evidence of plagiarism. All sources properly sited. 25%
Total 100%

Exercise #1 Economics and Me

Think a bit about the Game of Musical Chairs and its relationship to Scarcity? Come up with other real-world examples of Scarcity. Have you ever wondered why some are rich and some are poor? Is there enough food, water, clean air for all of us? Will your children be better off than you? Remember to receive full credit you must make your entry and comment on another student.


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