Discussion boards about leadership, conflicts, styles

Discussion board #1: For this discussion, conduct some independent research and locate an article that addresses a current company’s leadership style and dysfunction. How would you evaluate the company’s leadership methods differently – now – based on what you have learned?”

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Discussion Board #2: Culture and gender have proven to be variables largely affecting the success of change implementation. For this discussion, state and defend your position regarding culture and gender and how each can affect the success of a leader in driving change. Cite at least 2 resources from the Rasmussen on line library

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Discussion Board #3: After reviewing the five different types of Conflict Management Styles give an example of when you have experienced one of the styles within a group. How did it make you feel? What was your attitude towards the leader? What would you have done differently as a team member?

  1. Avoiding: very little interest in the group or the goals, little interest in collaboration and not interested in negotiating. Sometimes called the “ostrich with its head in the sand”
  2. Accommodating style: results in maximum cooperation but usually is the result of low self-interest and minimal realization.
  3. Competitive style: a style that could occur that would lead to little or no results for the team or anyone involved.
  4. Compromising style: occurs between groups, team members or organizations. Negotiation skills are to be used to try to create results and communication.
  5. Collaborative style: this style maximizes everyone personal interest and communications.

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Discussion Board #4: Recall a time that you were on a team (work, school or social) and describe a conflict that occurred:

  • What was the conflict?
  • How did you deal with the conflict?
  • How did the leader handle the conflict?
  • What would you have done differently if you were the leader?

There are ***** “4” **** Discussion boards. It is required 2 paragraph at least for each Discussion, answered separately by headings. Make sure all point are included. Make sure you use in text citations ad post the references. No plagiarism, be professional. It is about 2 pages total for this assignment.

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