Discussion: Mitigating Transaction, Translation, and Economic Risks

For this discussion, you will first examine financial statements for a specific company and then provide a summary of its hedging techniques.

First, review the annual financial statements (Form 10-K) for the company you have selected for your final project. You can either retrieve the statements from the SEC EDGAR Company Filings or directly from the company’s website (usually listed under “Investor Information”). This task will help prepare you for Milestone Two and will also give your classmates a chance to see which company you are analyzing for your final project.

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Next, in your initial post to the discussion, address the following:

  • What company have you selected for your final project and what foreign countries does the company do business in?
  • What are a couple different hedging techniques/derivative contracts the company is currently using to mitigate its foreign transaction, translation, and economic risks?
  • In your own opinion, do you think the company is doing enough to hedge its risk? Explain your reasoning.

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