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In simplest terms, evolution can be defined as a change in allele frequency over time. A fact of nature is that allele frequencies for any given gene are always in a state of flux and for that reason evolution is a fact of nature. At the same time we have evolutionary theories that help us explain why allele frequencies change in the first place. For this section we will explore these evolutionary mechanisms.

The purpose of this discussion board is meant for you to share a news story that specifically deals with how evolutionary mechanisms are shaping nature around us. The article that you find will have to deal with natural selection.

Your job will be to do the following: Make sure you include all items.

  • Give a short summary of your news article in simplest terms.
    • For example, there are many examples of bacteria that have evolved antibiotic resistance.
  • As part of your summary include the trait that is specifically being selected for.
    • Using the same example, bacteria that are more resistance to antibiotics simply have genes that allow them to survive in the presence of antibiotics.
  • You will have to make sure you mention what is acting as the selective pressure.
    • For example, a bacteria will evolve by natural selection resistance to antibiotics if antibiotics are always present. The antibiotics becomes the selective pressure since it preferentially allows those with genes to resit antibiotics to survive. The surviving bacteria have greater fitness (Your ability to survive and pass on your genes to the next generation) and their descendants inherit those genes.
  • Make sure you cite your work so that others can follow the news article.


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