Discussion post Due 5/15/18

This post has 2 parts; both are required.

Part One: Student can learn from the Quality Improvement projects of other nurses. In light of what you previously learned in Evidence-based Practice, review this project in the published nursing literature:

( Promoting quiet article)

Comment on:

路 the aim

路 the methods

路 the findings

路 the clinical implications

路 what you learned about project implementation

Part Two: Recall the Call to action from the IHI. Article

(Institute for Healthcare article)

Your clinical problems should be addressing one of these issues, as healthcare should be: SAFE, EFFECTIVE, PATIENT-CENTERED, TIMELY, EFFICIENT, & EQUITABLE.

Comment on the QI project you evaluated in part one- how did these authors address the IHI鈥檚 call to action for changing the U.S. healthcare system? Justify your answer.

Please cite in APA format

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