Discussion Question 1 Due Thursday, October 25, 2012

Due Thursday, October 25,2012 8am Central Standard Time


For this first DQ, you have a choice of two. Please post to only one as your Initial, researched response and then feel free to respond to both for participation credit.

Note: the second choice has a link attached. Shimazoe and Aldrich’s paper from our Electronic Reserved Reading list is a great first source for this response. And look, the citation is already prepared for you to cut and paste.


Week 3: Discussion Question #1 – Choose one

· What are the important components of group building? How do you ensure that all members of each group are participating collaboratively and not just cooperatively?


· How might you handle a student who refuses to work in a group or a group that refuses to work with an individual?

Shimazoe, J., & Aldrich, H. (2010, Spring). Group work can be gratifying: Understanding & overcoming resistance to cooperative learning. College Teaching, 58(2), 52-57.

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