Discussion Question #3

For this discussion, visit the website www.ted.com. This is the home of TED Talks, which are brief videos that feature thought leaders and experts from every realm sharing their latest thinking on a subject. Do a search on the site and find a speaker that talks about marketing. Watch their video and in 200-250 words discuss what they are saying and how it relates to some of the concepts that we are learning in class; marketing mix, target marketing, segmentation, niche markets, market research, customer value, customer relationship marketing (CRM), strategic planning, strategic business units (SBU), project/portfolio mix, product development, diversification, mission statement, competition, market objective, marketing strategy, morals and ethics, sustainability, green marketing, basic or applied research, demographics, supply and demand, state laws and/or regulation agencies. Don’t forget to identify the speaker and the title of their talk.

Upload your work as a Word attachment. Spell check, put your name on your work, the course number, the DQ#, and date. Use Times New Roman, Font 12, Single Space.

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