discussions for the week

State budget allocation

According to a February 2016 study /content/enforced/43586-SB_ECON1010_2016/LCCC_1314_MainReport_Final.pdf on LCCC, taxpayers realize a 5.2% return on their investment into LCCC. This is based heavily on the increased productivity of an educated work force. Every year the state legislature is faced with this dilemma of where to spend our scarce budget. They can spend it on initiatives such as the Hathaway scholarships as an investment into future growth. On the other hand they could spend it on consumer initiatives, such as social supports, intended to increase economic equity. Considering this tradeoff between current equity and future growth, how are they doing? How would you spend the limited state dollars? To prepare for this discussion think about the LCCC culture. What are the positives and/or strengths of the culture at LCCC? Where do you see opportunity for growth or change and where would you chose to make your investment?

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