Disruptive and Sustaining Technologies Questions

13.1 Compare disruptive and sustaining technologies, and explain how the Internet and WWW caused business disruption.

13.2 Describe e business and its associated advantage

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Chapter 14

14.1 Compare the four categories of e-business models.

14.2 Describe the sic e-business tools for connecting and communicating.

14.3 Identify the four challenges associated with e-business.

Chapter 15

15.1 Explain Web 2.o, and identify its four characteristics.

15.2 Explain how Business 2.o is helping communities network and collaborate.

15.3 describe the three Business 2.0 tools for collaborate.

15.4 Explain three challenges associated whit Business 2.o.

15.5 Describe Web 3.0 and the next generation of on-line business.

Chapter 16

16.1 Describe the different wireless network categories.

16.2 Explain the different wireless network business applications.

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