DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ET AL. v. HELLER Analaysis 8 pages text in lenght

Talk about the facts from the case (1-2 – maybe 3 pages)

What is the question that the court is trying to answer? (e.g., whether … ) This is usually whether something (a law) IS OR ISN’T CONSTITUTIONAL

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How did they answer this (above) question… YES OR NO

Why did the court answer this question – this way? (1-2 – maybe 3 pages) There will be multiple reasons – this is not one CLEAR reason. And there may be qualifiers –

How has this “answer” (or decision) had an effect on society (social, or economic, or political) (1-2 pages ‘ish)

It’s just one questions that the court need to answer

Weather this is constitutional or not

What is the limit why they put these limits?

Weather this description had go beyond society and has effected it in somehow

I can use something out of the paper as a source

Dissenting (judges who do not agree with the court) opinion at the beginning mention that

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