diversity and Conflict Resolution

Diversity and Conflict Resolution

One implication of diverse cultures is that elements of one culture (e.g., values, attitudes, behaviors, perceptions) can create conflict with elements of another culture.

Prepare a report on cultural diversity and conflict. In your report, address the following:

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  • Evaluate the interaction of cultural diversity with conflict in international negotiations.
  • Assess the important indicators of diversity management in organizations. What is seen, heard, experienced when diversity management is or is not present?
  • Analyze some of the social and organizational consequences of not concentrating on diversity management, including negotiations and the organization in general.
  • Evaluate how organizations might capitalize on diversity in its negotiation party for producing better negotiated outcomes and organizational results.
  • Defend at least three ways that leaders might enhance diversity management in international activities to support larger goals. Defend your recommendations with research.

Research the South University Online Library to read peer-reviewed articles on global leadership, diversity, diversity training, and industrial age.

Recommendation for the level one headings for the body of your paper:

Cultural Diversity and Conflict

Indicators of Diversity Management

Social and Organizational Consequences

Capitalizing on Diversity

Best Practices for Diversity Management

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