Diversity Management Project

For the course project, you will develop a Diversity Management Proposal that uses the five decisions making process (listed below) to identify a problem or opportunity related to a diversity issue facing your company or future employer:



1.Recognize a problem or opportunity

2.Develop alternative solutions to the problem

3.Evaluate alternatives

4.Select and Implement chosen alternative

5.Follow up to Determine effectiveness of decision.


The Final paper  of your Diversity Management Proposal is due. It should be submitted in memo format, except that is should be double spaced. Also make sure of the following:

•You should have one interview (phone or email is fine) and two valid print sources.

•All sources should be documented in APA format.

•The length of the proposal should be five to eight pages, plus the reference page.

•Use visual markers (e.g., bullets and lists) and visuals wisely.


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