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Read “requirements” I posted the an old paper from Applied Systems I which i used the same idea for on the Applied System II. Use my old paper but do not plagiarize. feel free to use illustrations. Al though i gave you all materials please review and dont make it sound like shit that was copy/ pasted. i do request refunds if I get crappy work so please meet requirements and give a sound paper.

Asterisk means you might have to actually write and answer the question

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Using the Microsoft Word document you created in W2 Assignment 2, add to it by completing the following tasks:

  • Create physical DFDs.
  • Create a physical data model.
  • ****Discuss in detail the differences between the logical process and the physical process and data models.
  • Discuss which objects your application should include.
  • ****Draft the inheritance structure of your objects.
  • ****Create class diagrams in UML 2.0.


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