DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST,Principles of NutritionChapters 1, 2 and 3Test IMultiple Choice: Select the best answer and mark…


Principles of NutritionChapters 1, 2 and 3

Test I

Multiple Choice:  Select the best answer and mark on the Scantron

1.How many calories are in a food that contains 20 grams of carbohydrate, 15 grams of protein and 

7 grams of fat?



2.        All of the following organs are associated with the digestive tract and contribute juices to it except the:



3.If the ingredient list on a box of cereal reads:  “Wheat flour, sugar, and natural flavorings”, what

ingredient is the predominant or most abundant?

a.natural flavoringsc.sugar

b.wheat flourd.not enough information to tell

4.The majority of the digestive and absorptive processes occur in the:

a.mouthc.small intestines

b.stomachd.large intestines

5.The main energy yielding nutrients include:

a.vitamins, minerals, and waterc.trace minerals and vitamins

b.carbohydrates, proteins and fatsd.water, carbohydrates, protein

6.Food labels list ingredients in:

alphabetical order

ascending order by weight/amount in the food (least to most)

descending (decreasing) order by weight/amount in the food (most to least)

7.The MyPlate and USDA guidelines break groups foods into ___ major categories.



8.What are the “ABCDMV” principles of diet planning?

a.Abundance, B vitamins, calories, diet control, minerals and variety

b.Abundance, balance, conservative, diversity, moderation and variety

c.Adequacy, bone development, correction, vitamin density, master and variety

d.Adequacy, balance, calorie control, density, moderation and variety

9.Which of the following products of digestion is NOT normally absorbed directly into the 


a.large fats  c.vitamin C


10.Immediately after absorption, which circulatory system carries the fat soluble vitamins and large




11.What substance protects the stomach lining from damage to digestive juices?


b.mucusd.dietary fats

12.Gram for gram, which of the following provides the most energy?



13.      What is the name of the projections on the inner surface of the small intestine used for absorption?


b.mesenteric vesselsd.vascular projectiles

14.Alcohol is not a nutrient.  How much energy does alcohol supply per gram?

a.2 caloriesc.7 calories

b.4 caloriesd.9 calories

15.Which of the following best describes the normal pH of the stomach?


b.very alkalined.slightly alkaline

16.Information that must be lawfully provided on food labels includes all of the following except:

a.the exact amount of each ingredient listed on the ingredient panel.

b.The amount of specific nutrients and food components in a serving of food.

c.The net contents expressed by weight, measure, or count

d.The name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor.

17.All blood leaving the GI tract travels first to the



18.In to what region of the intestinal tract does the stomach empty?

a.large intestinesc.rectum

b.small intestinesd.colon

19.The pyloric valve:

regulates the movement of food into the stomach

controls the flow of chyme from the stomach into the small intestine

opens to allow for elimination

passes undigested food into the large intestine

     The esophagus:

regulates the movement of food into the stomach

controls the flow of chyme into the small intestine

opens to allow for elimination

passes undigested food into the large intestine

     Your friend complains of chronic heartburn.  Which of the following suggestions might be helpful to    her?

eat two large meals a day rather than several small meals

lie down after eating

drink liquids during meals

eat small meals and drink liquids 1 hour before or after meals

Which of the following foods may make heartburn worse in some people?



soda pop

all of the above

     The average time food spends in the stomach is:

1 to 3 hours

3-4 hours

Over 5 hours

10 to 20 minutes

      The colon’s task is mostly to:

secrete mucus

absorb nutrients

reabsorb water and absorb minerals

digest nutrients

      Losing weight, if you are overweight, may reduce the incidence of heartburn.

____true ____false

     If a substance is not absorbed through the digestive tract, it will be excreted via the:





      Mechanical digestion begins in the mouth and involves chewing and shredding food pieces.


      Chief reason people choose the foods that they eat is:


Nutrient content

peer pressure

     Saliva helps maintain the health of the teeth by washing away food particles that cause decay                         and by neutralizing acids that promote decay.     


    All of the following are examples of functional foods EXCEPT


b.regular oatmeal.

c.regular white bread. 

d.calcium-fortified juice.

 Which of the following is classified as a micronutrient?





 Which of the following is an example of a macronutrient?



c.Vitamin C

d.Vitamin D

 All of the following sets of values are included in the Dietary Reference Intakes EXCEPT





   Protein provides 4 calories per gram.


Fat provides 9 calories per gram.


   The purpose bicarbonate serves in digestions is to 

Increase the acidic content of chyme

Neutralize the acid content of chyme

Hydrolyze large peptides

Settle the stomach

  Which of the foods listed below is NOT nutrient dense?

Green beans


Apple pie

Roast beef

   Who would be the most appropriate person to consult regarding nutrition information?


Registered dietitian (RD)


Health food store manager

39.Which of these best describes an essential nutrient?

It cannot be found in food

It is easily digested in the body

It is necessary for the body to function

It cannot be used to make other compounds in the body

40.   The RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowances) for nutrients are 

a.More than twice as high as anyone needs

b.The minimum amount an average person needs

c.Set to cover the needs of practically all healthy people in the U.S.

d.Designed to prevent deficiency disease in half the population

41.A 12-ounce glass of reduced fat milk has calcium, riboflavin, vitamin A and vitamin D and 140 calories.    A 12 ounce glass of soda has sugar and 140 calories.  Choosing the milk is using the principle of nutrient __________.





42.Every morning for the past 2 years Angela has gotten up and stumbled to the kitchen, where she grabs a Pop Tart™ to eat.  She doesn’t care what flavor it is, as she is barely awake enough to taste it.  Angela is  displaying a food choice primarily based on



Body image

Environmental concerns

43.What does the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of a nutrient represent?

The upper level of a nutrient allowed when fortifying a food

The upper level of a nutrient that appears safe for most healthy people

A number calculated by taking twice the RDA or three times the AI

The maximum allowable amount available in supplement form.

44.Which of the following breaks nutrients apart into tiny particles which are then absorbed?





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