Do some research and write A short (3-5 sentences) about what you learned. Link to the article/study/other source.

It’s widely accepted that there are pay inequities between genders in the US workforce. This has received more attention in the last few years and potential remedies are emerging. Practices to remedy pay inequity include banning salary history questions, allowing full pay transparency, conduction pay audits and publishing results, and more.

Do some research to learn about pay inequities and to form an understanding and opinion about a potential remedy. Much has been written about this during the past 2 years, so you should have no trouble finding some excellent source material.

Post :

1) A short (3-5 sentences) about what you learned. Link to the article/study/other source.

2) Offer your opinion or share an expert’s opinion about the effectiveness of the practice to remedy pay inequities. Is it a good or bad idea? Why or why not?

Your post should be clear, concise, direct. Aim for 2 paragraphs, 3 at most.

If you are temped to write more, edit to streamline, simplify, sharpen your POV.

Here is a good examples of good discussion posts.

Student 1: According to this study, people with “black sounding” names are 50% less likely to be contacted than people with “white sounding” names. The article from the Society for Human Resources describes the study in which two professors — one from MIT, one from the University of Chicago — fabricated resumes for multiple phantom job seekers with common black and white names. The professors sent out nearly 5,000 resumes for 1,300 job openings advertised in newspapers and on online job sites throughout Chicago and Boston.

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