Does the manager have an enforceable contract with Jan? Explain. Can the manager collect form Eva if Jan does not pay? Explain.

Two Friends, Jan and Eva, went to Video City to look at big-screen Tvs. Video City printed an advertisement for an OLED CurveScreen TV on sale for $800- less than half price- for one day only. Jan decided to buy the TV and approached the sales counter. Realizing she had left her checkbook and credit cards at home Jan asked the Manager if the store would extend her credit. When the manager hesitated, Eva pulled the manager to the side and said, “It’s all right. I’ll cover the cost if Jan has any problem paying.” Because Eva buys nearly $600 worth of merchandise a month from Video City, the manager agreed. The manager had Jan sign a delivery slipped that says, :April 12, 2018, One OLED CurveScreen, for Friday Delivery. Purchased by Jan Smith, 815 River Ave., Grand Forks, ND.”

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