due at 12 PM

what i need is Instructions on how to build a cross bow

  • Printer paper (4 sheets)
  • Masking tape (unlimited)
  • Standard rubber bands (2)
  • Tongue depressor or popsicle sticks (2)
  • Zip ties (6)

Your assignment is to build a catapult which can propel a marble the maximum distance.

HOWEVER, be careful….. there is also an accuracy condition (and a

multiplier…..see below). ADDITIONALLY, your distance (inches) will be divided by the weight (ounces) of the structure to give a final performance number. Please also account for all of the materials that you use. I would like you to also include a procedure for building this just in case I want to build one at some point in the future. You will also be subjected to an additional multiplier based on the consistency of performance (huh??)…..let me explain:

· You must land the marble in the basket 3 times in order for the distance to count

· If you land the marble 3 times in 10 tries, the multiplier is 1; 3/20 the

multiplier is

0.8, 3/30 is 0.6, 3/40 is 0.4, 3/50 is 0.2, 3/60…..give-up, you are defeated

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