Environmental resources

Complete the Environmental Resources Worksheet. 

NOTE: ALL ANSWERS are contained in the textbook readings for Week 5. Read carefully to find the answers to EACH question. Write your answers on the Worksheet under the #’d question(s).

DO NOT COPY/PASTE your answers from the textbook. APA requirements require that your answers be paraphrased in your own words. 

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Reference: Since we will be using the textbook, you do NOT need to put an intext citation after each answer. Put the textbook reference at the end of the worksheet on a separate Reference page.

If you choose to use other resources OUTSIDE of the textbook, which i don’t recommend, then you must put intext citations in your answers per APA requirements to identify the part of the answer that came from that resource and the part that came from the textbook.

Direct quotes require APA formatted intext citations. However since you are paraphrasing from the book, that should not be an issue!  : )

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