Ethical theories

  • Read Boatright’s chapter 3, “Ethical Theories,” pp. 85-91 (textbook). Please note that I have excluded Nozick’s entitlement theory from the reading.

Read Case 3.3, “Clean Hands in a Dirty Business,” pp. 101-102 (textbook)

Assignment Directions: Answer these questions about Case 3.3, pp. 101-102

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  • Do you recommend that Janet join Karen at Union Tobacco, Inc., as a marketing specialist? Why or why not? (Answer in 4-5 sentences.)

Explain which ethical theory supports your recommendation. (Answer in 250 words.)

Be sure to include in-text citations, as needed, and a Reference list that includes the case.

I realize that you may not be well versed in philosophical theories. That’s okay! Read the theory descriptions in the chapter, think about them, and answer the questions. You do not need to conduct additional research for this assignment.

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