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Instructions: For each of the weekly writing assignments, you will complete all four prompts below. All of your answers should relate to the material covered for that specific week based on the lecture and textbook chapter(s). There is no length requirement for your responses, but there should be enough information to sufficiently answer each option. Please upload your completed document, which includes all four of the options listed, using the assignment manager. You will be able to do this by clicking on the text that says: Weekly Assignment #. When you attach your document, you will then need to hit the blue submit button found in the upper right-hand corner or lower right-hand corner of the page.

1. After reading the scenarios presented in the chapter and then the ‘solutions’ to these at the end of the chapter, which of thesereal-life scenarios presented in the Bailey & Burch chapter(s) for this week was most challenging for you to answer AND why? You should identify the particular scenario in the text (Bailey & Burch 3rd Edition) by name. You can answer this option in either of two ways. You can select which scenario gave you the most difficulty in coming up with a solution or where your solution was different than that of the authors OR you can talk about which would be the most ethically challenging to you if you were in the same position. In either case, make sure to focus on the why part of the question.

2. Create an essay question based on the reading for the week. Provide a 4-sentence response to the essay question.

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3. Create your own scenario/dilemma for the material covered this week that is similar to the ones presented in the Bailey & Burch book. These are the same scenarios/dilemmas you see referenced in option #1. Your ethical dilemma should look like (have a similar level of development as) the ones in the book. Do not write these in the first person by using the words: I, me, my, etc. Your scenario must include a question at the end challenging the reader as to how they would handle it. Provide at least one sentence describing how this dilemma could be resolved. This should not be a description of an ethical dilemma you actually faced and how you solved it. That better fits option #4 below.

4. Describe an actual situation in which you, a coworker, supervisor, or someone else you know faced an ethical dilemma related to the material covered this week and provide the outcome of the dilemma to the extent that you know it. This needs to be a situation that actually occurred, not a hypothetical one.


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