exercise sheet and ppt (2 works in total)

1)Lecture Exercise 4 is based upon the importance of presentations. Use what you’ve seen throughout this course to critique a TED Talk of your choosing.


For the computer skills this week, it’s time to conceptualize and approach the presentation portion of disseminating information. You’ve seen snippets of what this looks like when watching lecture videos. This week you should watch and focus on the important factors of viewing presentations in a professional manner. The following videos give you introductions and overviews into Powerpoint on how begin using them, applying the templates, and even creating custom ones.

You will use this information and, a general critical approach to TED Talks, to conceptualize the importance of presentations. From there, I want you to take these components to create a Presentation


Using the presentation software of your choice, I want you to translate the TED Talk you watched into a slide-based presentation for conveying the information.

This exercise is to push you to consider the delicate balance between the amount of content on slides alongside the amount of lecture (i.e. talking about/beyond/over slides) a good lecture needs.

When I lecture in-person, I regularly see some students copy the text on slides verbatim but not adding any of the content from the lecture. This is obviously not good since the point of the additional lecture is to give the deeper understandings (text on slides for a large portion of your professors is basically “here are the headlines, listen for the important aspects of the story). On top of this, though, I find that students do not stay engaged with classes that are lecture only (i.e. no slides). One of the reasons that TED Talks can work so well with minimal slides is that ability to re-watch/pause/adjust speed. Most presentations do not occur in this fashion, though, so it’s a delicate balance. To push you to really consider where focus needs to lie, you’ll be working to translate a lecture-heavy presentation into a set of presentation slides you’d be more likely to see in one of your in-person classes.

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